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Your Skin Does Not Have to Age

Posted on August 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

In today’s modern world, skin experts and scientists have joined forces in creating fabulous new products that can slow down the aging of our skin. Youth has been an obsession since the beginning of history. From Cleopatra’s milk bath to Elizabeth Taylor’s orange peel mask, women have tried and tested a lot of age-reversing techniques to delay the effects of time. Most people think to grow old is natural and we have to accept that we get older everyday, but like what the famous Carmen Electra said “I don’t mind getting old, I just don’t want to look it” – and that is exactly what this article is all about: Growing with age and wisdom, but not showing it on our skin.

Moisturize Regularly

Anti-aging creams comprises a multi-billion dollar industry that caters to a wide range of consumers all wanting to lessen the effects of time. Everybody wants to always look young and beautiful, and most of then don’t care about the cost. Though priced different, one always needs to understand that the best way to prevent those unsightly wrinkles is to moisturize – and brand names are usually what consumers are paying for.

Always hydrate your skin with an oil-free moisturizer to help it repair itself and recover from the harmful effects of pollution and sunlight. Starting early can help a lot because young skin can absorb the effects of moisturizers more effectively than aged skin. So never say it’s too young to start moisturizing, using a regular moisturizer now is better that using expensive anti-aging creams later on.

Drink Plenty of Water

Body dehydration can really show on the skin, in fact one of the symptoms of dehydration is dry, saggy, cold skin. Keeping your body hydrated can help your skin age slower because it prevents the need to suck moisture from our skin to deliver to more important organs needing hydration.

Remember our skin is also an organ and it requires water to function properly. Drinking eight (8) glasses or more of water a day can help our body in so many ways and naturally prevents that aging and damaging effects of dehydration. Always carry with you water containers you can drink as often as needed. And whenever you feel even the tiniest need to sip on something, chances are it’s your body telling you it needs some.

Know the Science of Aging

Advances in cosmetics and skincare have been greatly changing the way we live. In food production, eating organic foods have been proven to slow down aging, both inside and on the surface of the body. People who consume more meat (which if you live in western countries, widely contain growth hormones commonly used in cattle and swine farming) actually help in speeding up the aging process.

In America, girls belonging to the fast food generation have started menstruating earlier compared to previous generations, and boys have been showing earlier muscle development which is suppose to arrive later. Science has affected our lifestyle and diet that we have to make an active choice to find organics products and cosmetics that can help us age slower.

Aging can also be delayed, thanks mainly to science, by the discovery of substances that naturally help in reversing the negative effects of aging in our skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Vitamin C, and Retinol have been tested and proven to help delay the appearance of wrinkles. If you already have wrinkles, fear not because creams infused with these substances have been proven to reverse the signs of aging resulting into a younger, more radiant skin.

Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can have negative effects on the skin that could be permanent. Smoking dehydrates the skin and causes premature aging of our dermis. If you want to lessen the effects of aging, quitting now can help you save a lot of money in anti-aging creams in the future. Not only does it cause bad breath, the smoke also pollutes the skin and ash particles can clog our pores causing pimples. Experts agree that smoking is one of the top things that could cause you to age faster. So be sure to start making the healthy choice immediately to avoid wrinkles – and remember that our skins are aging constantly, even while you’re just sitting there are reading this.

Avoid the Sun

Sunlight may be great if you’re a plant, but as people, it is one of our worst enemies in the fight against aging. Avoiding the sun can profoundly help our skin age slower.

Scientists have proven that people who do not use sunblock are 10 times more likely to show earlier signs of aging before they reach their 30’s. Skin quality can start to deteriorate in our late twenties, but moisturizing regularly and avoiding the sun can make delay the effects of aging for at least 10 years. Not only will your protect yourself from wrinkles when you avoid the sun, but you can also protect yourself from skin-cancer.

Our skin needs all the care we can give if we want it to remain youthful and radiant for a long time. Every decision we make, from the food we eat to the products we use on our face, all contribute to the general health of our skin. Following these steps may not ensure a longer life, but it can definitely ensure a younger, fresher skin – and we really don’t have to look a year older than we actually are.